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eReferral continues to expand

We work with healthcare professionals across the continuum of care to improve the use of information technologies and research in the delivery of healthcare.


Drawing from our network of clinicians, researchers, project managers, change management specialists, technical and privacy experts, we offer support to healthcare professionals, organizations, and Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) related to the deployment, adoption and appropriate use of digital health tools.

Grunge Rock
eReferral Annual User Satisfaction Survey September 2022 – Increase in usage
(Published: January 2023)

Integration with Ocean eReferral enhances Cerebrum users’ workflow in Waterloo-Wellington
(Published: January 2023)

Ophthalmology Cataract Central Intake in Waterloo Wellington
Published: January 2023)

eFax through Ocean eReferral
(Published: December 2022)

eConsult and eReferral Support the Chronic Pain Pathway
(Published: November 2022)

Patient experience with eReferral Appointment Reminders
Published: October 2022)
Fiscal Year 21/22 eReferral Highlight
(Published: October 2022)

eServices East Patient Experience Survey
(Published: July 2022)

Triaging Referrals to eConsult
Published: June 2022)
Referral Supporting Diagnostic Imaging Pathway
(Published: March 2022)

eReferral Benefits in NE Ortho Pathway
Published: March 2022)

eReferral Supporting Mental Health
Published: March 2022)


MRI Decision Support and eReferral
(Published: December 2021)

eReferral and the Waterloo Wellington Cataract Central Intake
(Published: November 2021)

eReferral Email Notifications Enhance the Patient Experience
(Published: November 2021)

eReferral Reduces Processing Time From Clinician to Central Intake
(Published: October 2021)

eReferral User Satisfaction with the Ocean Portal
(Published: October 2021)

eReferral to eConsult Initiative
(Published: September 2021)

eReferral and eConsult during COVID-19
(Published: August 2021) 

Development and Validation Process - eReferral Form
(Published: June 2021)

Fiscal Year 20/21 eReferral Highlights
(Published: April 2021)

eReferral for Orthopedic Central Intake in Champlain
(Published: April 2021)

eReferral and Ophthalmology Cataract  Central Intake in Waterloo Wellington
(Published: April 2021)

Wait Times to Access DI Services
(Published: March 2021)

Increase in the Use of eReferral
(Published: March 2021)

Administrative Staff Confirm eReferral Benefits
(Published: March 2021)

Backlogged DI Referrals in Waterloo Wellington
(Published: January 2021)


Experience with eReferral email notifications in the South West
(Published: December 2020)

Specialists' Satisfaction with eReferral in OH-West
(Published: December 2020)

eReferral Adoption Strategies throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic
(Published: December 2020)

Satisfaction with eReferral in Primary Care
(Published: November 2020)

Patient Experience with eReferral
(Published: October 2020)

Enhancements Made to Patient Email Notifications
(Published: October 2020)

Patients are Highly Satisfied with eReferral for Diagnostic Imaging
(Published: October 2020)

Using eReferral to Refer Patients to COVID-19 Assessment and Testing Centres
(Published: October 2020) 

Virtual Change Management Support
(Published: October 2020)

Reducing No-Show Rates through the  use of eReferral
(Published: March 2020)

Efficiency of eReferral Use in Northern Ontario
(Published: March 2020)

eReferral and Systems Integration in the Champlain LHIN
(Published: March 2020)

eReferral and Patient Communications in Care Transitions
(Published: February 2020)

eReferral and MSK Process
(Published: January 2020)
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