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Ontario’s Comprehensive  Referral Solution

eReferral (Electronic Referral) digitizes the paper-based fax referral process of requesting care, service, and support from a healthcare provider​.

What is eReferral?

eReferral (Electronic Referral) digitizes the paper-based fax referral process of requesting service from a healthcare provider​, through an application that allows physicians to find and refer specialists directly from EMR systems, while keeping patients informed. Clinical guidelines are incorporated into the forms, reducing the likelihood of inappropriate referrals.

The Ocean eReferral Network is an EMR-integrated, cloud-based technology for healthcare referrals, which includes a map-based, searchable directory of healthcare providers with wait times, intelligent referral forms, end-to-end reporting, and automated status alerts for patients and providers. Referrals are sent, tracked and updated right from the patient’s chart, using an online eReferral directory that can be integrated with most commonly used EMRs.

What is Ocean eReferral Network?

  • Integration with EMRs

  • Send referrals & receive updates within EMR

  • Forms updated automatically

  • Forms are pre-populated with information from EMR

  • Map-based directory of available services and wait times

  • Receive complete referrals

  • Minimizing requests for additional information

  • Forms integrate clinical guidelines to support best practices

  • Minimize administrative tasks (follow-up phone calls)

  • Receive email notifications with referral status

  • Track their referral from start to completion

  • Confirm appointments directly from the email

  • Receive appointment instructions via email

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers

As of 1 February, 2024


Physicians Onboarded


Referrals Processed


Specialist Receivers

Ontario East
eReferral Team

The Ontario East eReferral Team is supporting the deployment and adoption of eReferral in Eastern Ontario, as part of the Ontario eServices Program. Working closely with system and community partners, our team has developed an integrated end-to-end eReferral strategy focused on connecting providers to available specialists and/or services, while improving communication between providers and patients.

The Ontario eServices Program delivers digital services (including eReferral and eConsult) that support clinical workflows and facilitate smoother transitions in care and an improved patient experience. The Ontario eServices Program is co-led by the Ontario eConsult Centre of Excellence and the eHealth Centre of Excellence and is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Ontario eServices Program

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